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    15, december 2010 

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Ukraine – Eastern European state. (The largest of the states located entirely in Europe, including the Autonomous Republic of Crimea). On the south by the Black and Azov seas in the east, northeast and northern borders with Russia in the north – with Belarus in the west – with Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, in the southwest – with Romania and Moldova (including the unrecognized republic of Transnistria).

Territory – 603,7 thousand square km , which amounts to 5,7% in Europe and 0,44% of the world. Is the first country in area, located entirely within Europe. The second (after Russia) largest country in Europe. Length of sea border: 1355 km (the Black Sea – 1 056.5 km in the Azov Sea – 249,5 km in the Kerch Strait – 49 km). The geographical center of Europe, one of the methods of calculation, is located in Ukraine, near the town of Rahim Transcarpathian region.

Map of Ukraine
The population of Ukraine as of March 1, 2008 was 46,314,736 persons, of which 31,643,316 – the urban population and 14.67142 million – agriculture.

National composition of population: Ukrainian – 77,8%, Russians – 17,3%, Armenians – 0,8%, Belarusians – 0,6%, Crimean Tatars – 0,5%, Moldovans – 0,5% , Bulgarians – 0,4%, Hungarians – 0.3%, Romanians – 0,3%, Polish – 0,3%, Jews – 0,2%, Greek – 0,2%, Tatars – 0,2%.

Capital – Kyiv (2.81 million inhabitants).

Other large cities: Kharkiv (1.68 million inhabitants), Dnipropetrovsk (1.23 million inhabitants), Donetsk (1.15 million inhabitants), Odessa (1.12 million inhabitants).

Relief. Almost all the territory – is flat, the average height is 175 m above sea level, the mountains are only 5% (Carpathians, Crimea). Goverla highest point (2061 m). The flat part is not homogeneous: among the most significant forms of relief may be called the Donets Ridge, Mount Kanevsky, Podolsk Rise, Black Sea Lowland.

Climate. The climate is generally temperate on the Southern coast of Crimea is subtropical Mediterranean. The average January temperature in the northeast -7oC, on the southwest-4oC. The South Coast of Crimea and maintained positive winter temperature. The average July temperature of 18oC northwest, the south of 24oC. Main rainfall bring Atlantic air masses, most of the plain area gets more than 500-600 mm of rain a year, the southern steppes of 250-300 mm, which is not enough for agriculture economy. With a mild climate and diverse, Ukraine has many sanatoriums and resorts.